About Jane

I suppose you could say I was born to travel. My first flight was taken before I was even born.

My mother had flown from Hong Kong to Toronto whilst she was pregnant with me. Shortly after I was born, I was off again on my second overseas flight, back to Hong Kong.

Not much travelling happened in my first eight years, but once our family officially immigrated to Canada, vacations became a constant.

My first memory of a family vacation was a coach tour to Florida that I blame for my obsession with Disney. The magical nine-day trip spanned over the Christmas holidays and we returned home the day before my ninth birthday. Best birthday ever.

Other vacation favourites include driving down Lombard St. in San Fran, touring the Coca-Cola HQ in Atlanta, getting our caricatures drawn on the streets of Montréal, and our (almost) annual trips to Niagara Falls. We’ve even walked ran up to the top of the Statue of Liberty in NYC.

It wasn’t until age 19 that I stepped foot in Europe for the first time. Having only been to five European countries, the wanderlust in me refuses to quit. Luckily, Darren loves to travel as much as I and racks up more travel miles than anyone I know.

We’ve experienced a lot since the beginning of our relationship (the first 2.5 years having been long distance and all), but I hope this blog will encourage us to travel even more — to the places we have never been and the things we’ve longed to do (and eat. Oh gosh, there is going to be so much eating.)

They say “be a tourist in your own city.” As much as I love exploring Toronto and spreading the love for my birthplace (and we will in this blog), I can’t wait to share with everyone our crazy, non-stop adventures everywhere. Make sure you follow along!

Definitely gonna need a vacation after this.

– Jane

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