Tokyo > Hong Kong | Don’t Miss The Train!

I travel a lot. I’ve spent the best part of the last 6 years going from airport to airport across the world. As such, I’d consider myself a bit of a “pro” when it comes to flights.

Alas, this mini-trip to Tokyo wasn’t too well-thought-out back in April when we booked it:

The flight departure was at 8:35am and the airport was about an hour from central Tokyo. There is only 1 train departure each 30 minutes, and service starts at 6am. Doing standard check-in math I realised that we needed to be at the airport by around 7am. This meant that the 6am train was our only option. If we miss this train then we miss our flight – simple as that (check-in/bag drop closes an hour before departure).

So the alarm goes off at 3:45am and I force myself up and into the shower. By 4:10am I’ve turned the lights on (much to Jane’s disgust) and we’re collecting our things to head out. We leave our small Airbnb at 4:45am and get to Shin-Okachimachi Station in time for the first subway (5:12am). It’s only 1 stop to Ueno-Okachimachi, and then should be a 10-minute walk in the underground path system to Ueno for our high-speed airport train.

To our despair, the underground path doesn’t open until 6am! So at 5:20am we’re standing on the street corner in Tokyo getting in a taxi to complete the link to Ueno. 700¥ and 5 minutes later we’re at the main station in time to buy the tickets for the 5:58am train. *phew*

Jane picked up a train station stamp and we boarded our vessel with about 15 minutes to spare. Finally, I can relax, a little.

The ride was smooth and quick and we were at the airport by 6:40am and checked in by 7am!

After a quick stop at Duty Free and a coffee, we boarded our flight to head back to HK. I have to say, this four-hour flight was more pleasant during the day – the red eye was absolute garbage compared to this.

We landed back at HK airport at local-time 12:30pm and grabbed a bite to eat at the airport (first meal of the day really). Soon after we were on the HK Airport Express MTR ($100HKD) and downtown (Hong Kong Station) by 2pm. We found our final Marriott hotel with ease and checked into the room:

We rested for a few hours – much needed!

By the evening we had decided to find some Thai food for dinner, and settled on Mak Mak not too far from our place. 

It was pricey (~$100CAD for the two of us – we ordered three dishes), but delivered on flavour.

After the meal, we went up to the Marriott Executive Lounge (thanks to my Platinum status) and had a free beer and some snacks, overlooking the city from the 33rd floor. 

It was nice to be back in HK.



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