Our Magical Day at Hong Kong Disneyland Pt. 1

Let me prelude this post by stating right off the top that I’m a huge Disney fan. So if I sound a little completely overexcited, just be excited with me, okay?

On the day before we temporarily left Hong Kong for Tokyo, Darren decided to take us (me) to Hong Kong Disneyland… YIPPEE!

By 8am I was wide awake and stoked at the prospect of our day’s adventure — at this point we hadn’t decided for certain we were going. We quickly confirmed our plans and I rushed to get ready, but unfortunately and frustratingly, our day started off on a less-than-ideal note: the power in our hotel room surged and the lights suddenly turned off while I was in the shower; getting ready in the dark was NOT fun!

We finally departed Kowloon around 10:30am as the hotel’s engineer worked in our room. We arrived at Sunny Bay MTR station after about an hourlong subway ride. There, we boarded the Disney train that took us to the Disneyland Resort MTR station. The train’s windows and overhead hand rails were Mickey-shaped; there were mini bronze statues of Disney characters (Tink is in the last car!) and historical black-and-white photos of Walt Disney on every car. The magic begins before you even get to the park!

Once we arrived at Disneyland Resort MTR station, we were greeted by the glorious Mickey and the whale fountain.

A quick few photos and down the promenade we went to the park entrance where cast members ushered us in — but not before giving us Hong Kong Disneyland stickers (which we proceeded to collect throughout the day from every cast member we encountered! More to come on this.)

With Christmas just over a month away, the park was decked in Christmas décor, including tons of garlands, wreaths, lights, and a gigantic Christmas tree — conveniently blocking the view of the Sleeping Beauty Castle down Main Street U.S.A.! They were selling tons of Christmas ornaments, too. If only we had a Christmas tree at home.

Also, notice the mountains in the above photo? Mountains make up the breathtaking backdrop of Hong Kong Disneyland. It dwarves the Sleeping Beauty Castle a little, considering it’s already small in comparison to Cinderella’s Castle at Magic Kingdom in WDW (the only other Disney park I’ve been to.) Nonetheless, it’s quite a sight that I just couldn’t get over!

First order of business after photos in front of the main entrance and the Floral Mickey was to find me the perfect mouse ears. I probably took longer than Darren would have liked, but you can’t rush these kind of decisions! As soon as we settled on the perfect ears, it was time to beat the crowds and venture to Tomorrowland for our first big ride of the day: Hyperspace Mountain (duh!)

Hong Kong Disneyland is one of the parks that’s converted Space Mountain into the Star Wars-themed Hyperspace Mountain. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, but I’ve gotta say the themed audio and visual during the ride really gives the experience a whole other dimension that’s simply outta this world (haha). AND, did I mention the wait was a whopping five minutes? FIVE. At Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom you couldn’t even get that with a FastPass!

The ride was such a blast we ended up going on it twice. I should add: Hong Kong Disneyland tickets don’t come with FastPasses. Not that you really need it. The park is filled with children so lineups for fast rides are speedy. TIP: If you arrive early, most guests are probably in line for character meet & greets with their young ones instead of queuing for rides, so get on those rides first!

Next, we eagerly hopped into the line for Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Having rode this at WDW two years ago (and hopelessly confused and terrible at it the first go), we were excited to play again. We’re PROS now, right?

Darren started out ahead (he also had control of the joystick that spun us around), but I ended up the winner a whole category above him. 😁

Before leaving Tomorrowland, we noticed Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple was happening and stopped to watch little Jedis in action against Darth Vader!

We were hungry at this point and went in search of food. Darren suggested the Royal Banquet Hall where they have a big selection from Japanese to Chinese, American to International. Darren had the ramen with chicken wings and tempura while I went for the baked pork chops in tomato and cheese sauce with rice, a common western-style Hong Kong dish — this was honestly one of the best I’ve ever had, no joke.

After some more photos around the Castle, we headed for Fairy Tale Forest — where I knew Tinker Bell would be and started preparing myself for meeting her a second time!

The area was cute and we had fun seeing every princess castle, but I wish I hadn’t gotten excited: because they said Tink went tinkering and would return in an hour. They closed the line but I COULD HEAR HER! I guess Tink didn’t want to meet me again. (In case you can’t tell by now, Tink is my favourite Disney character.)

I couldn’t fit our whole adventure in just one post! Still to come in Part 2: we head to Toy Story Land, Mystic Point, go on a scary boat ride in Adventureland, meet R2D2 and Chewbacca (who got mad at me), and watched the nighttime parade and fireworks!

– Jane


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