Hong Kong | Mong Kok & Lan Kwai Fong

Saturday. We decided to “go with the flow” a little today and not stress too much on when, where, what, etc. 

We ventured from our hotel at around 11:30am and decided to shoot straight for some breakfast based on Yelp recommendations. We took a quick MTR ride up to Mong Kok and worked our way through the busy streets. It was here we found an abundance of pet stalls, including walls and walls of goldfish in clear bags.

We soon found our place for brunch (Kam Wah) and were quick to pounce on two spare seats. This tends to be the general rule in HK – if you see a seat, grab it before someone else does!

We opted for some traditional items: 

  • Pineapple bun with pork
  • Curried chicken instant noodles with cheese
  • French toast with peanut butter 
  • Iced milk tea for Darren
  • Iced lemon tea for Jane

Verdict: delicious!

After the feast we walked through the Flower Market area and Jane tried to educate me on some exotic species – unfortunately we can’t buy anything here to take home with us.

We walked through the various market areas for quite a while, but didn’t haggle for or purchase anything. 

Later in the afternoon, we made our way down to Tsim Sha Tsui and looked out across Victoria Harbour. The views are impressive, and we were fortunate to be seated near a jazz band while watching ships sail by. 

Jane and I decided to find a quiet corner and practise our jumping skills (as you do). 

Sometimes I jump. . . . . . . . #CBGtoYYZ #DJAsia2016 #HongKong

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By late afternoon, we again deferred to the MTR and moved across the city to Sheung Wan. This is fairly near the Mid-Levels Escalator system so the streets are really narrow, steep and all look the same! We didn’t get lost, per se, but may have walked up and down the same street a few times… ✌

We walked into the PMQ area (Police Marriage Quarters) to see how these have been adjusted into art galleries and restaurants. 

Jane had her heart set on visiting the Jerkface exhibit at the Over The Influence art gallery, and we were able to find it with little trouble. It’s a small space, but it’s a glimpse into childhood obsessions. They were even showing old episodes of Astro Boy and offering free beers and snacks!

We had arranged to meet Jane’s parents for dinner, and I had the privilege of choosing the spot! I opted to try to find the best burger in Hong Kong and selected Beef & Liberty in Lan Kwai Fong (LKF). In a nutshell: The service was exceptional and the food was fantastic. Beers and burgers all around and the chef even gave us some free sliders to allow us to try all the flavours!

After a short walk around LKF (the ultimate tourist hotspot, especially on a Saturday night), we made our way back to the Novotel to rest up for Sunday’s adventure: Hong Kong Disneyland!



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