GALLERY: Bi Ying 碧迎居 | Cotai, Macau

On our last of two nights in Macau, we satisfied our appetite from a long afternoon and evening of hotel browsing in Cotai with a fabulous — or should I say glamourous? (staff at the Golden Reel at Studio City are trained to wish you a glamourous day) — dinner at Bi Ying 碧迎居 in Studio City.

Located on the ground floor and surrounded by designer stores, this 24-hour Chinese restaurant serves a large selection of dishes that span a variety of Chinese regions. Conveniently, the restaurant is accessible from both the outer shopping area and the casino. My mom’s friend had recommended her to come for lunch, but I’m glad we came for dinner.

As we entered, a chef was making dragon beard candy amongst the dinner tables. After we sat down and ordered a pot of chrysanthemum tea, our waitress brought us a plate of dragon beard candy on the house. The sugary snack would have made for a better dessert than appetizer in my opinion, but no complaints here!

Our menu for the night included:

  • Sichuan “dan dan” noodles with spicy minced pork sauce 川式坦坦麵
  • Barbecued honey glazed Iberico pork 蜜味西班牙黑豚叉燒
  • Deep-fried oyster with spicy salts 脆炸椒鹽生蠔
  • Wok-fried scallops with asparagus and homemade XO sauce 醬皇盧筍炒帶子
  • “Sichuan style” poached Mandarin fish in hot and spicy oil 沸騰水煮魚

You may have noticed that almost all of the dishes were spicy. Somehow, my father was under the impression that we wanted spicy food (he’d asked if we can handle spicy food and we said yes…) Thankfully we were able to tolerate the intensity of the Sichuan dishes. I’d happily eat all of these items again no matter how spicy; they also LOOK tasty — see the photos in the gallery below!

Address: Shop 1182, Level 1, Casino at Studio City
Phone: (853) 8865 6650


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  1. ☹️ that food looks incredible.


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