Macau | Cotai

We woke up with a bang this morning as the building work in the hotel started at 9:25am, right underneath us. We looked again at the “Apologies” information letter that stated the work would start as “around 10am”. Unacceptable, so I complained to the manager and got us some free breakfast for tomorrow.

Note To Self: Never stay at a hotel while it’s undergoing renovations, regardless of what they say would be “minimal disruption”. We will never recommend this hotel to anyone, ever. 

So now that we’re up, we decided to relax by the pool for a few hours and then venture out in the afternoon. The outdoor pool and jacuzzi did look like the pictures we’d seen, and was the only positive thing about this place. 

By lunchtime, we jumped on a free shuttle bus from our neighbouring hotel (Sands) to the Cotai area of Macau. A short ride was all it took to land us in a gambler’s wonderland. I mentioned yesterday a few buildings and casinos near the Ruins of St. Paul’s — but this is something else. 

Giant monster hotel casinos as far as the eye can see.

We arrived at The Venetian (hotel/casino/mall) and marvelled at the ridiculous architecture. Inside we grabbed a bite to eat (the infamous Macau pork bun) and watched countless tourists being chauffeured through indoor Venice on gondolas. The “drivers” not only steering the ships, but also singing! The ceiling was painted to reflect a perfect blue sky, and apparently changes to nighttime with the day outside.

This was a great spot for some photos.

We walked our way to our next pitstop: Parisian. 

The countless banners and signs suggested that this mega-casino is newly opened, and it was certainly quite impressive. We found ourselves loitering around the main fountain for a while:

We walked some more and next on our (my) list was the Figure 8 Ferris Wheel (Golden Reel) at Studio City.

This place felt so quiet and empty compared to the first two hotels of the day. We grabbed our tickers (100MOP each =$17CAD / £10GBP) and walked straight through to the lifts up to the 23rd floor. We stepped onto the ride and had a pod all to ourselves. Like many attractions nowadays, there was a glass floor to test your nerve!

It’s a short 15-minute ride and offers some so-so views of the surrounding Macau area. I was more fascinated by the concept of the wheel, rather than the vantage point it offered. 

Once we reached our starting point again we took our time (as there were still zero other people around) and a few more pictures.

This then gave us plenty of time to wander down to a viewing platform and look up at the ride.

We were even lucky enough to be around during the evening, and see the whole thing in lights.

As you can tell, I really enjoyed the Golden Reel today!

Jane and I then walked around a little more and later met up with Jane’s parents for dinner at Bi Ying.

We walked along the strip back to our shuttle point and got to see some impressive light displays.

The shuttle ride back to our hotel was quick and it seems we walked another 11,000 steps today! 

Back to HK tomorrow.

– Darren


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  1. Ah, I imagined it on its side, but that makes much more sense…!


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