Hong Kong > Macau | Ruins of St. Paul’s

​It’s Tuesday today and we opted to start the day at a slightly slower pace — still feeling a little sluggish from the weekend flight. We made it to the hotel breakfast at around 10am and loaded up on congee, hash browns, sausages, fruit and juice. A few hours relaxing in the hotel then turned into packing and we checked out at 1pm. 

We’re spending the next 2 nights in Macau with Jane’s parents, a worthwhile mini getaway from HK, so we’ve been told.

We arrived at the Hong Kong to Macau Ferry Terminal (5 minutes taxi from the hotel) and promptly had a bite to eat. We thought we had plenty of time to make the 2pm voyage, but Jane and I had to join the “Visitor” immigration queue, which was a little long. Luckily, it was super efficient and we set foot on the TurboJet at 1:59pm!

The boat steered west between islands and only took an hour to land at our new destination.

The Macau customs was quick and we went in search of our hotel shuttle. It was a bit of a mission, but eventually we found the right one. The 3-minute ride (!) took us to Grand Lapa Hotel and it didn’t start very well… So it’s 4pm by this point and apparently one of our rooms isn’t ready (despite check-in confirmed for 3pm). We opted to get the one room that was ready and wait the 30 minutes for the second. Getting in our room we see two twin beds instead of one King. This prompted a complaint and within 5 minutes we’d changed rooms up to the 16th floor.

One thing I forgot to mention was that this hotel is currently undergoing renovations between the hours of 10am and 6pm on floors 6 to 11. At 4:15pm the construction noise was so loud that we had to go out for a walk. This turned into a hike!

The area of Macau we’re staying in is covered with hotels and casinos. Think Vegas (although I’ve never been) meets Niagara Falls. I was most taken aback by the pineapple-shaped one (Grand Lisboa), with the gold one in close second (Sands).

The streets were filled with what I’ll call ‘Stick People’ — standing holding “come to my restaurant” signs. I was half expecting to see “Golf Sale ➡”!

The general vibe of Macau is a little odd. So many hotels and casinos, surrounded by pawn shops. Once we’ve seen more tomorrow, maybe I can put my finger on exactly what’s wrong here.

We were soon at the foot of the Ruins of St Paul’s — a famous landmark in Macau. From the front this looks like just a building atop a hill — But if you look a little bit closer you’ll see that the only part of this building remaining is the front. There is nothing else left, like the front has been sliced away!

We wandered around a little more (11,000 steps today) and then jumped into a taxi to grab some dinner.

The restaurant of our choice (Carlos) was fully booked and had a 1-hour wait. We opted to put our names down and found a nearby pub to while away the time. By 8:30pm we were given our table and tucked into a variety of Portuguese dishes.

Tomorrow we’re going to spend time at the hotel pool/spa to just relax and unwind. Maybe we’ll also venture out and try the figure-8 ferris wheel (yes, exactly as you’re  picturing it).

– Darren 


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