Hong Kong Day 1 | Victoria Harbour Star Ferry 

So we made it to Hong Kong! 

Let’s start by talking about the flight… it was brutal! Anyone who says otherwise regarding this 15-hour long haul in economy is just straight-out lying. The plane, crew and general flying conditions were perfectly fine – it’s just the time that makes this so challenging. You can do a lot in 15 hours in the real world, but stuck in a fairly narrow seat doesn’t provide too many options. Jane watched 5 movies (!)  while I managed 4, with the occasional attempt at sleeping. We then found sudoku on the TV systems and this kept our minds active for the final hour of the flight.  Anyway, we arrived and don’t have to worry about the return leg for a few weeks. 

Arriving into HKG was relatively smooth, customs was quick and our luggage came out right away. The airport itself had a few art installations, including this Bruce Lee series of images which were pretty cool:

We jumped in a taxi (Jane giving directions) and made our way to Wan Chai (30 minutes ride) to the Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel. This check-in was quite an experience… To step back a second – I recently earned enough points to become a Platinum Marriott Member, and with this comes more perks than I could have imagined. Firstly, we had a personal Check-In “experience” as we were guided to our room on the 34th floor and given a tour by our dedicated team member. The welcome also included snacks, fruit, a washbag, complimentary dry cleaning service (1 item), bonus points (not sure what for) and access to the Premium Lounge (where free food and drinks are served throughout the day). 

Once checked in, we stopped for a moment to reflect on where we were: Hong Kong! The view from the hotel is quite one thing too.

I opted for a short nap, while Jane unpacked a few items. Apparently my 20-minute snooze included some intense snoring (sorry!).

Jane’s parents met us around 7pm and we walked to a local Michelin Star Shanghai Restaurant(!), as you do: 蘇浙滙 Jardin de Jade. While the menu did have English translations and lots of pictures, we were happy to let Percy and Sandy make the choices. This holiday will revolve around food, and what a way to start! We had a variety of dishes, most of which I’ll struggle to recall correctly. My favourite was bao and honey-glazed ham.

After dinner we jumped into a taxi to check out the Wine and Dine Festival by the harbourfront. We were all pretty full from the aforementioned feast, so just walked around the various stalls/vendors and admired the plethora of huge buildings flooding the HK skyline.

At 10pm, we stepped aboard the Star Ferry to cross the harbour and continue grasping our bearings of this part of the city. A brisk walk around Victoria Harbour and we realised that we were beginning to flag. We’ll be coming back to this area later in our trip, so pictures to follow. Another ferry ride and we’re back at our hotel for the night.

Alarms set for tomorrow AM otherwise we’d probably sleep most of the day away!

– Darren 


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Eat plenty of food, I miss Hong Kong so much!


  2. 15 hour flight – dammm


    1. Darren says:

      I opted for: Angry Birds, All The Way, Harry Potter (Half-Blood Prince) and Wild.
      Jane: All The Way, The September Issue, Iris, The Nice Guys, Joy.

      We’re hoping they change up the selection on the flight home mid-November!


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