YYZ to HKG: The Journey

Today started earlier than most weekends in the Darren/Jane household as we snoozed (just once) the 5:30am alarm. How to dress for a 15-hour flight that takes you into Sunday afternoon in Asia…? We went for super casual!

We checked and double-checked our packing lists and ventured down to the taxi for 6:30am. It was at exactly that moment we (I) realised Jane had forgotten her (second pair of) sunglasses, so she went back up as I entered into civil conversations with our taxi driver. 😎

Pearson Airport at 7am on a Saturday could’ve gone either way in my mind. I think we were pretty lucky with Air Canada and dropped our bags off and breezed through security in just 45 minutes. 

Time for the first food of the journey – can’t leave Canada without Timmies, so it was breakfast combos all around. 

Now it’s time for us to think about the flight. As you’ll have seen (here), I have a brand new neck pillow (thanks Mallon for lending Jane your one too) – and I’m prepared with snacks: sweets, chocolates,  chips (crisps), some fruit, and even a leftover slice of pizza! 

Time to set our bodyclocks forward by 12 hours… “It’s 8:30pm… It’s 8:30pm…” 

Also – sidenote, I picked up my first ever Fitbit yesterday, so we can track the steps on this holiday! 10,000 daily should be a breeze (I hope).

The final thing to do now is change into sweatpants (of course) and board. See you tomorrow!

– Darren


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  1. I would suggest we could be FitBit ‘buddies’ but your steps over the holiday might embarrass my stats a bit too much…

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