Before Hong Kong: Darren’s Top 5 Picks

Jane has been to England a few times and I’ve been able to show her the sights and sound of where I grew up. Now the tables have turned and I can submerge myself in the city she called “home” for much of her childhood.

Here are my Top 5:

5. Sai Kung’s Floating Fish Market

This is a potential day-trip out of Kong Kong to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. The journey in itself could be an adventure, at approximately 90 minutes from where we’ll be staying. I expect to see locals haggle for fresh fish on the floating markets – maybe I can convince Jane to have a go too!

4. Mong Kok


Here’s the perfect chance to get lost in Hong Kong (not literally though) and mingle with the crowds of people, wading past locals and tourists to wind through the twisting streets and make it out to tell the tale. Apparently there’s a whole street dedicated to selling goldfish!

3. Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak! #flightlesscom

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A recommendation from Jane’s dad is to head to Victoria Peak in the late afternoon and stay at the top to watch the sunset over the city. This plays in well with my love of major vantage points, and obsession with sunset photography (check out my personal Instragram if you don’t know what I’m referring to).

2. A Symphony of Lights – Victoria Harbour


This is a Light Show to wow audiences with the energy of Hong Kong against the backdrop of the city. This runs every night at 8pm and luckily they have it in English on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays! It’s less than 15 minutes but I think will be a perfect moment on the last day of our holiday.

1. Lantau Island and Wisdom Path


Straight in at Number 1 is Lantau Island and most notably the NP360 Cable Car. Who wouldn’t want to be suspended meters in the air with perfect panoramic views?  There’s also a giant Buddha and a Wisdom Path trail lined with wooden monuments!


Only 2 days to go now!

– Darren


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