Before Tokyo: Darren’s Top 5 Picks

With only five nights in Tokyo there’s going to be a lot to pack in. Here’s what I’m thinking of my Top 5!

5. Senso-ji and the Asakusa Neighbourhood

A must-see 7th century Buddhist Temple that offers exceptional architecture and traditions. The Main Hall adheres to the day, and seems to open at sunrise (6am) and closes at sunset (5pm). It’s close to our apartment and should make for an eye-opening view of Japanese culture.

4. Shibuya Crossing

The one intersection in Tokyo that every guidebook mentions and therefore had to make its way onto my list. In my head, I’m imagining it as a cross between Piccadilly Circus (London) and Yonge-Dundas Square (Toronto), but I’m sure it’s limitless-times crazier. Maybe I’ll grab a time-lapse (original, I know…).

3. Tsukiji Market

Again, one from the guidebooks. Only 120 tourists per day can attend the early-morning fish auctions, and you’d have to be queuing from around 5am to get in. Jane and I won’t make it for that (are you kidding me?!), so we’ll head to the general market at a more reasonable hour to try some of the freshest fish on the planet.

2. Tori-noIchi (Day of the Rooster)


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This festival is going to be something else… The concept is to buy a bamboo rake (or kumade) and receive hand-clapping celebrations from the seller to ask for good fortune and a successful business. This particular festival happens only twice a year so we’re super lucky to catch it.

1. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building / Tokyo Skytree

I love a grand view to get a true sense of the city you are staying in. The Government Building is free (!) and boasts view from the 45th floor from two observation decks.

The Skytree is not free, but seems to be an architectural marvel in its own right, as the tallest building in Japan. Also — it’s pretty close to a Uniqlo store and a Pokemon Center, so it’s win-win.


One thing that had to make it onto my Top 5 list is the FOOD, and I want to try it all.
A special mention has to be for Kobe Beef. I hear that eating this in Japan is a life-changing experience. I accept this challenge Toyko —please feed me#TokyoFood

I get to share these adventures with Jane and she’s excited too! Be sure to check out Jane’s Tokyo Top 5 Picks and compare!

– Darren


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  1. Michelle says:

    Request: Before & After Pics of you delighted by Kobe Beef.


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