Only 5 Days To Go

So we’re only a few days away from leaving Toronto and venturing 7,700 miles west towards Hong Kong, and I for one am super excited! We booked the flight with Air Canada back in April and this has given us six months to finalise the details of the trip. We’re in the home-stretch now of the “Planning” operation and almost at the point of actual “Go” time. #DJAsia2016


Jane and I are both “Planners”, there’s no two-ways about it. We have Spreadsheets, GoogleSheets, CheatSheets and even the kitchen sink. However, the more time I spend looking up “Things To Do” in the various cities, the more I’m starting to realise just how big of a monster we’re about to tackle. Hong Kong AND Macau AND Tokyo — in just 17 days.

Our last big holiday together was to England (#DJLondon2015) and the planning of that trip was pretty easy. It primarily revolved around a friend’s wedding in London, and we spent a few days down in Brighton. I was able to improvise and recommend alternatives as we took on the great British weather. The England holiday was simple. More on that in another post, no doubt:

Asia is a different story. I’m coming in with a blank slate and relying heavily on the Internet, travel books and more importantly: Jane. Jane knows Hong Kong and Macau well and has helped to map out most of our time there. It’s planned with flexibility to change things up if we need to. Jane’s parents may also act as nominated tour guides for a few of the days, which will be awesome!

Jane and I are both completely new to Tokyo. With only four full days in the city we’ve listed out everything that sounds fun or interesting (Our Top 5s: Darren and Jane), and we’ll try to fit in as much as possible. I think “follow the food” is going to play a big part in Japan. Based on everything I’ve heard and read, the food is going to be amazing. Don’t let me down! #hangry

The final few days of planning the trip have included picking up the essentials: travel insurance, travel money (Tip: allow a few days to order and collect), a neck pillow for the 15-hour flight and writing out my packing list. I’m still in Florida right now and only have two days back in Toronto before we fly to HK. It’s been a little bit tough planning such a big holiday over Skype — but we’re doing the best we can. The departure day is getting really close now.

Before we take off on Saturday we’ll share the five things we’re most looking forward to in HK and Japan!

– Darren


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  1. Looking forward to reading all about this adventure 😊👍🏻


  2. Michelle says:

    if 1 year of “cohabitation” = 7,700 miles away to explore, then 2 years….


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